Worship Information

Good morning everyone,

Just a few pieces of information for all of our community members:

  • Our current gatherings for worship have been suspended to ensure the safety and well-being of the congregation due to COVID-19.
  • We are actively exploring options for remote tithing/giving and will report more very soon.
  • A reminder that past sermons are available on the “Sermon List” page.
  • We are preparing content for you to enjoy from the comfort and safety of your home. More information will follow shortly.
  • Please find below the scripture readings normally printed in our bulletin.

Thank you.

Trinity Resources

As we explored the rich, deep, beautiful mystery of the Trinity together, I wanted to hold out some other voices to you that I have been hearing and benefiting from as I continue my own journey into the wondrous revelation of God. These two resources continue to draw me deeper into God’s goodness, nature, and purpose. I trust that these can open up windows of grace in your own relationship with God as you continue to seek after Him.

  • Experiencing The Trinity- Darrell Johnston
  • The Divine Dance- Richard Rohr


Sabbath Resources

As we continue to discuss Sabbath keeping as a part of our corporate and family practices, here are a few resources I have found helpful in shaping my thinking and understanding,

  • The  Well-Played Life- Leonard Sweet
  • The Rest of God- Mark Buchanan
  • Sabbath- Dan Allender
  • The New Evangelization- Rino Fisichella

I hope they can be beneficial to you as you implement life-giving, soul restoring,  sabbath rhythms into your life.

Trinity Sunday (May 27, 2018)

This Sunday morning we looked at the Great Commission through “trinitarian” eyes attempting to enlarge our perspective of the God that calls and sends us. We are helped in our perspective this week by,

Richard Rohr’s The Divine Dance

Darrell Johnston’s Experiencing The Trinity

Dallas Willard’s The Renovation of the Heart

These works push us to consider the breadth and depth of our understanding of the God scripture reveals, and the width of our soteriology and theology. I hope that as we immerse ourselves in the metaphors that unveil the three that are one we will find ourselves drowning in their presence.

Epiphany: Authority in Mark’s Gospel

This past Sunday we found Jesus in the Synagogue teaching and rebuking unclean spirits. In both of these acts Mark introduces us to the authority of Jesus, a theme he will develop throughout the good news he is sharing. This authority is declared both by the people hearing Jesus teach, and the demon that is cast out.

We compared this display of power and authority with Mark’s account of Jesus calming the wind and the waves in Mark 4, noting the similarities in Jesus’ commands, and the response of the those who witness the event.

We concluded with a few essential questions for each of us to wrestle with, and settle in our own hearts, minds and lives. These questions boil down to, “Does Jesus have authority in your life, and if so, what does that look like in your day to day living, working, and relating?”

There are a few resources that helped shape these questions and reflections for me, perhaps they can be helpful for you as well.





Grace and peace.